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Weather Radio Part 2

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Continuing from http://jtkdev.com/wp/2019/01/03/pi-weather-radio-w-same/.

Using the code from http://jtkdev.com/wp/2019/01/03/pi-weather-radio-w-same/ to decode the SAME alerts in the broadcast. The current current script:

rtl_fm -f 162298000 -s 22050 -p 14 | tee >(multimon-ng -t raw -a EAS /dev/stdin | python ~/dsame/dsame.py --text >> alerts.txt) | lame --bitwidth 16 --signed -s 22050 --lowpass 3500 --abr 64 --scale 8 -r -m m - - |ezstream -c ezstream.xml

Notice the sample rate has been reduced to match what is expected by multimon-ng.

It was necessary to download and install multimon-ng. We also installed sox (sudo apt-get install sox) to test the dsame code with the included sample.

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