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HVR-1950 – Mythbuntu 9.10 – Both tuners

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This assumes you have read the earlier post and have the firmware loaded and the device detected.

In order to get both tuners to work and not to conflict there are a few steps to follow.

Under Capture Card setup:

For the analog side
Card Type: IVTV MPEG-2 encoder card – /dev/video0

For the digital side
Card Type: DVB DTV capture card
Under ‘Record Options’ make sure
“Wait for SEQ start header” is not checked
“Open DVB Card on demand” is checked
“Use DVB Card for active EIT scan” is not checked

Under Input Connections:

Be sure to create Input Groups. You will need to create a group and put both cards in the same group.

For the other tuners in the system you will need to create separate input groups.

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