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PPTP – route UDP

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Quick notes on adding BCP Bridging to PopTop PPTP server:

• We are using pptpd version 1.2.1 since it has better support for broadcasting than the earlier 1.1.4 version.
• When building pptpd use the following configure option: ./configure –with-bcrelay to enable the bcrelay module.
• In /etc/pptpd.conf, add bcrelay eth0 (replace eth0 with the name of your internal interface) This will enable broadcast forwarding between the ppp interfaces as well as the interface you specify.
• In /etc/ppp/options-pptp, make sure that the mppe required option is commented. Since we will be playing games over this VPN connection, encryption is not necessary.

More can be found at http://non-standard.net/freebsd/game-vpn/vpnfaq.html.

VMWare vs Multicast

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Found this discussion where the problem of no multicast is solved by disabling the VMware adapters in the host.


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