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Text 2 Morse Code

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Morse Code and Phonetic Alphabets
Just type in the text as it is. Most punctuation can be translated, see my Morse Code page for a full list.
Complete with optional sound.

Lots of Paint Stuff

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The Plugin Site – Adobe Photoshop plugins and plug-ins, filters and effects for Paint Shop Pro, Corel Photo-Paint, Adobe Premiere
Welcome to The Plugin Site! If you are a beginner, please read our Introduction to Plugins for Beginners. Otherwise feel free to take a trip around the site by using the links below or from the top and bottom navigation bar.


Free Content Filter (test your rating tag)

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Internet Content Rating Association::: About ICRA
This filter has been developed to demonstrate a transparent, freely available tool to enable parents to control access to material they deem inappropriate or potentially harmful to their children and at the same time protect freedom of expression. It is designed primarily to demonstrate filtering based on PICS and other techniques and is not, in itself, a complete consumer product. In order to be most useful as a filtering tool, one or more templates will need to be installed

HTTP Headers Exposed

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HTTP Header Viewer
This service will allow you to inspect the HTTP headers that your web server is sending along with your files. You can use this to verify that the correct MIME type (the Content-type: line) is being sent for each file type.


Slide Show Maker

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PHPSlideShow is a little script that creates a slide show with NEXT and BACK buttons that navigate through a directory of images.
Setup is easy, just put phpslideshow.php in a directory containing your images and view the page with a web browser.
builds dynamic slideshow from images in current directory by default
multi directory support (one script for multiple image directories)
individual image description/names
page title
ability to order the pics
and more…


caricatures to go

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xml weather feeds

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Boy Genius Internet Development – Weather Feed
The data on this site is available in two formats:
The Whole Country
This is all of the data for the previous three hours for all of the available cities listed here. Please do not use this feed if you don’t actually need all the weather for all the cities. This file is 30 times larger than the individual city files, and I’d like to keep the traffic down. If you absolutely must have it, it’s here.
Individual City Files
Each of these files contains the information for one city. Cities that returned No Data Available in the last run will not be listed here, but the last update of the file will remain in place.


attention to detail

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Chocolat (2000, Mirimax) wasn’t a bad movie. It managed to get five Academy Award Nominations. But if they gave out Oscars for Best Type Direction, it would not have been among the nominees.

MovableType Plugins

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robertrainwater.com – MovableType Plugins
The latest release of RSSFeed should now work on RSS documents that are invalid without choking during the rebuild in MovableType. You can download the new release here. There are several new tags that have been added as well as adding an optional version parameter to RSSFeed that will let you set the RSS version of the feed.

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