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MT calendar

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RoyalTS – without cheese: My first PHP script: Monthly Archive Calendar
Kinda cool once the list of months gets too long.


Virtual flying

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TerraFly changes the way you view your world. Simply enter an address, and our system will put you at the controls of a new and innovative way to explore your digital earth.



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TWiki . Experimentalproduct . FeralRobots
The first operation was performed on the Megabyte II, aka, the Radio Control Mega Byte Cyber Watch Dog by Wow Wee International Ltd. [US$39.99] A radioactivity sensor [GeigerMuller Counter Kit; US$60] was fitted in his nose; a new brain [pic microprocessors] was transplanted into his spinal region. The new brain overides the Wow Wee program and MegaByte II now functions as gamma source radiation detector. His path is now defined by radiation concentration gradients. Watch video of MegaByte II successfully locating the source of radiation in a domestic fire alarm


vCalendar and Radio. Part 1 and 2.

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a klog apart
This could be fun. We could allow people to merge portions of a master calendar by auto creating vcf files. hmmm…


A great new use of the Google API and SOAP

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Sifry’s Alerts: A great new use of the Google API and SOAP
With a 3-line hack to Movable Type’s source code (gosh, I love having the source code to my software) I added a new function to its Google search capability – I can now do dynamic google searches on each and every one of the titles of my blog posts.



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PHPBuilder.com – Snippet Library
phpMyAgenda is a complete web application that enable you to manage and publish events (meeting, concert, session,….). It stores description, dates, urls, places, contacts,…
It uses templates so it is very easy to customize. The administrative interface is all graphical for intuive management.

Create FDF file and display data in a populated PDF file

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PHPBuilder.com – Snippet Library
This program extracts names/addresses from an Informix database, creates an FDF output file which links to a PDF file, and displays the populated PDF file. The user then prints their address labels.

Easy Calendar Applications

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PHPBuilder.com – Session Management and Authentication with PHPLIB
One of the latest crazes on the ‘net has recently been online calendars. with the MCAL library and PHP, writing calendar applications is now easy and fully functional. The MCAL library is very similar to the c-client IMAP library. It offers a common simple interface for accessing calendars that can be stored in many different formats, both local and remote formats are supported.


Pop-up E-mail with Msg

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jplay.com – it makes sense to me Nice addition to the email a link add for MT.


PDF Explorer

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PDF Explorer Site
Do you have many PDF’s ?
Do you remember to have read anything on a certain subject but don’t make idea in what disk this pdf is and much less its name?
Do you have a pdf with some images that you want to use in another document but don’t have Adobe Acrobat?
Then this is your program, with the advantage of be Freeware.
Using the potential of databases and the fast search and select tools classify all your pdf’s collection, contained in multiple disks, and stop searching of that file that doesn’t want to appear.


South Park Studio

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Science Toys

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Science Toys
Make toys at home with common household materials, often in only a few minutes, that demonstrate fascinating scientific principles.

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