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Seneye Home on the Pi – Part 2

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After getting the Python sorted out to read the Seneye Home it was time resolve a few outstanding issues with the unit. Seneye has only released the partial API discussed previously. This API lacks the ability to 1) register a slide 2) clear the “offline” readings stored in the unit.

Following ideas found online I setup VirtualHere. There is a Raspberry Pi server and a Windows 10 client. The free version will allow for a for sharing a single device. The free version also doesn’t support running the client as a service on Windows 10. Neither of these limitation was a problem for our setup.

I setup a cron job to run every 30 minutes. It calls a shell script which stops the VirtualHere server, runs the Seneye Python code to send reading to Openhab via MQTT and restarts the VirtualHere server.

crontab -e
*/30 * * * * ~/fish.sh
date >>~/Seneye-MQTT/suddriver.log
sudo killall vhusbdarm
sleep 10
python ~/Seneye-MQTT/suddriver.py >>~/Seneye-MQTT/suddriver.log
sleep 10
sudo ~/VirtualHere/vhusbdarm -b

It would be nice not to need sudo in this script but at the moment I haven’t noodled out the permissions required to get the VitrualHere server to run without sudo.

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