Corel Solution Partner Here are a few samples of the work:
Expert in Delphi

WaveQ is a multi-channel cue-list based wave file playback program for systems with multiple sound outputs. WaveQ has been tested with several major multi-output cards including the Gadget Labs, WaveCenter and Gina cards. For further information contact

PropsDB is a picture database especially for Prop Masters. Designed originally for TWAIN based digital cameras it will work equally well with newer USB or floppy disc equipped cameras. For more information contact

Try the online Projection Calculator or Beam Calculator. Both require JavaScript.

There is also a preview of the Beam Calculator(Java version).

Here is a demo quicktime movie(849K) test created in VectorWorks 8.5. It shows is a portion of the scenery for the CPH Education Series production Anansi the Spider designed by Michael Roesch.

The Blog

For Lighting designers and electricians everywhere, I found an old copy of Light in the Dark.

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